Thoughtful Thursday: Making Connections by D'ana Joi

Last weekend I went to a macramé workshop hosted by an artist named Esmé whom I only knew of through Instagram. I had been admiring her beautiful work and when I heard that she would be hosting a workshop, I thanked my lucky stars that we live in the same city and signed up.

I arrived at her cute Culver City home promptly at 6:00 pm, fixing my lipstick in the mirror and using my car reflection to make sure my outfit was in place. I was a little nervous to be arriving alone and to be meeting someone whose work I admired so much. I took a breath, stood up straight, and walked in.

Esmé and her adorable pup, Maya, came to the door to greet me. Once I saw her bright smile my nerves melted away. She was eager to bring me into her home and introduce me to the other ladies who had arrived. We hugged like old friends.

Esmé’s pup, Maya.

I walked through her living room, which looked like well-designed macramé showcase room. I had to pick my jaw up off of the floor, then I asked if I could take some pictures (wouldn’t you?). She led me through to the back yard and I was greeted by more friendly faces. I grabbed a glass of wine and sat down, picking up the clipboard with my name on it, which was adorned with the thick long strings that would become my macramé coaster.

The hours that followed were pure magic. Not only did I learn the meditative art of tying knots, but I also made connections with a group of people I may not have otherwise have crossed paths with. We shared our passions, our future goals, and our corniest jokes. I met a candle maker, two yogis, and one woman who worked at a bakery (I left with a loaf of the most amazing bread I’d ever tasted).

The summer light faded away and long after the workshop ended, I was still at Esmé’s house, sipping wine and dipping chunks of bread into olive oil (that counts as dinner, right?). I looked around and felt at home. I felt like I had found my people.

After I push publish on this post, I’m heading back over to Esmé’s house to discuss some ways we can nuture our new friendship, and merge our creativity for some collaboritations here on the blog.

I’m so thankful that I took a chance and showed up to that event by myself. In this very digital culture, it is so refeshing to make a real-life connections.

For more information about Esme’s amazing designs, visit .

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Selfie with Esmé





Have you ever showed up to an event alone and left with a new friend or made other unexpected connections through a social media platform? comment below and share your experiences! 



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About D'ana Joi: 

D’Ana Joi is a 28-year-old Los Angeles native with those enviable, colorful, and energetic lifestyle skills we all wish could be bottled and sold. She’s known famously among friends for her wild, natural passion for endless creative endeavors that make life feel that much more sunny. Be it painfully adorable and quirky homemade greeting cards or original songs both composed and sung by D’Ana Joi herself. Or the vibrant, delicious, and healthy meals she creates from scratch. Even finding meditative peace (and cardio) through landing new, visually stunning tricks with a glowing hula-hoop! D’Ana Joi does it all with both stylish grace and contagious energy. Addictive personalities beware. This new outlet for her many creative musings, Joi-Knows-How, will have you hooked. Get to know her and you know how her middle name, Joi, is the foundation of her blog. Her smile is as transmittable as the love in her heart. The joy she carries within her is palpable. She’s the boost you didn’t know you needed.

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