Bone Broth recipe


Bone broth is loaded with nutrients which provide many health benefits.  Below is a recipe I created that I hope you will enjoy. Please note that I’m not a nutritionist, doctor, or health advocate.  I’m simply a mom who cares for my health, my family’s well-being, and I enjoy spending time in the kitchen. Always consult your doctor or health care professional if you have a special diet, allergies, concerns with ingredients, or are taking medications. 


Bone Broth Benefits

 * Heals and repairs the gut

 * Aids digestion

 * Supports a weight loss or detox plan

 * Boosts immune system

 * Anti-inflammatory

 * Strengthens teeth and bones

 * Anti-aging benefits for skin, nails, hair (collagen)

 * Improves mood and cognition

* enriches blood

*** Great during pregnancy and postpartum recovery ***

Making bone broth is somewhat time-consuming, but worth the effort.  If you do not have time to make it yourself or have limited options to source organic produce (especially during this coronavirus chaos), I highly recommend 'OWL', a company that sells organic bone broths and mylkshakes in Venice, CA.  OWL “use(s) grass-fed bones, organic veggies, roots, and medicinal herbs, and simmer(s) every batch for over 24 hours” to make their bone broths and mylkshakes.  For more information about their products or to find other retailers that sell their products, please check out the OWL website

For this Bone Broth Recipe, I recommend buying all ORGANIC vegetables, herbs & pasture-raised beef bone marrow.  If preferred, you can substitute high-quality pasture-raised chicken, turkey, or bison bones. If you have leftover produce that you’re not sure what to do with it...throw it in the pot!

I use a standard large slow cooker, but you can always use a large pot and simmer for the same amount of time.


Ingredients: ( I get mine from Whole Foods)

□  sage (fresh) 2oz

□  oregano (fresh) 2oz 

□  parsley 1/2 of a bunch

□  cilantro 1/2 of a bunch

□  2-3 large carrots

□  3-5 stalks of celery

□  radish - 1 whole bunch with leafs

□  3-5 cloves (pieces) of garlic

□ 1/2 cup raw apple cider vinegar (very important to add this since it helps extract nutrients off bones and veggies)

□ 1/2-1 tbsp sea salt

□ 1 lb pasture-raised beef bone marrow (chicken, turkey, or bison bones)

□  mushrooms (whole) small container

□  a thumb of fresh ginger root

□  a thumb of fresh turmeric root

□  a gallon of distilled water 

□  fresh rosemary (I tend to get this from my neighborhood. There are a lot of rosemary bushes along sidewalks and I recommend you pick from the top because of, uhm, dogs). 

□ 1 pack of organic cheesecloth (use this later when straining the broth before putting it into containers/storing).

Feel free to get creative by adding or removing ingredients to your taste preference. Sometimes I have leftover fresh organic broccoli and other veggies that I neglect for days, and simply add it to my batch of bone broth.  A friend of mine often adds medicinal herbs and spices to enhance the broth during flu and cold season.


Cut your veggies into medium size pieces which will maximize the use of space inside the pot. Add the bones first, we want to keep these at the bottom of the pot. Continue to add all veggies, then mushrooms & finally the herbs on top. Add the sea salt and apple cider vinegar then fill the pot (almost to the top) with the distilled water, making sure everything is covered. If your pot is too full, remove some of the ingredients and save (or freeze them) for a second batch! Cover with lid. Turn the crockpot/slow cooker ON and set it to 'manual' on 'low' heat. Let it slow cook for 36-48 hours.

Note: the crockpot tends to turn off after a long period of time, (on some models a loud beep goes off when this happens), make sure you’re aware of this and turn it back on until you reach the desired time. 

It is not necessary to cook that long to get a good bone broth, but I recommend doing it for at least 24 hours. This results in the bone broth being as nutrient-rich as possible. Use the same directions and ingredients without the bones to make this VEGAN! It'll be just as good.

After the bone broth is done, strain it into a large pot using your cheesecloth. Then use a measuring cup to scoop out portions to fill large mason jars (or any tight lid containers).  Tip: squeeze the broth out of the veggies to get the most out of it! 

Enjoy and I’d love to hear from you to answer any questions so please DM @esme_design                  

Also, for more information on vitamins, herbs, and other wellness topics connect with Los Angeles based acupuncturist @StephaniePetrowLAc


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